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Understand The Narrative

Everybody loves a good story, including college admissions officers. When you understand the elements of the narrative form, you can tell your story effectively and even memorably.

We all have great stories living within us. How do we get them out on the page? One way is by starting to ask ourselves the right probing questions.


Find Your Topic

The essence of writing is rewriting. The more attention you pay to your piece, the more payoff there will be for your reader. Do the necessary work!


"Big Picture" Editing

- Sue Wasiolek

Dean of Students at Duke University

"With an educator's attentiveness and editor's keen insight, Gelb provides applicants with much-needed advice as well as the confidence and skills they need to win over the admissions dean."

- Christina Jaeger

National Association for College Admission


"Alan Gelb provides students with easy to follow steps for creating a winning personal statement. The book contains the essential components needed to make one's personal statement stand out to admission counselors."

Praise For Alan Gelb's Approach

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